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Minicheer is a designer, developer and manufacturer with focus on top safe, educational and fashionable products for baby and young children.

"Minicheer" is a self-created word(Mini-Cheer)which means our team has a little desire to endeavor supplying baby, young children and their parents with happiness by design, innovation, safety and top quality.

We combine great design, innovation, fashionable color with features that are top safe, friendly, fun and educational for young children. All our products are strictly tested fully to comply with European and American safety standards.

Minicheer has a special ability to spot modern trends of design and material, and convert them into 100% friendly products which not only spark the imagination, creation of young kids, but are also fashionable for home decoration.

We appreciate and take great pride in working with many experts all over the world in many professional fields-from teachers to artists to engineers to inventers. They helped us with correct company values, cultures view, product concept and tenet. Together with high-efficient quality management system, and top quality, these make each item outstanding.

Thank you for reading our humble brief introduction. Continuous improvement is always on the way, no end.

Product Philosophy: Top Safety, Nature, Innovation and Early Education

Values: Creating in Love, Serve in Development

Core Culture: Specialty, Dedication, Credit, Quality

Tenet: Building Excellent Brand and Serving Children

CEO and Copartner:  Lin Zhang

Graduated from Hang Zhou University.  Expert for early educationconcept creator. Wealth management experience, professional ideas and practical experience in English, law, marketing and business management.A young talents born in 1990s, she is good at literature and education. With high quality content output capability, customer execution ability, brand promotion and operation.

Production Manager: Jerry Ding

Expert in children's educational products, mainly responsible for product research and development.

China sales director: Hongbo Zou

He has rich experience in professional sales. Have a keen sense and insight into product positioning, opportunity innovation and promotion, develop business policies, define marketing strategies and manage sales teams.

Promotion ManagerMaggie

A young talents born in 1990s, she is good at literature and education. With high quality content output capability, customer execution ability, brand promotion and operation ability, Be able to organize and arrange all kinds of brand work efficiently.

Art DirectorVivi

She is a special talents. Graduated from China Academy of Art, majored in animation. She has professional drawing and design skills. Years of experience in children's products makes her paintings full of artistic and educational significance.

Art Desiger: Echo

Our main illustrator was graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. Her unconstrained imagination keeps her childlike innocence in her works. Her bold use of color and varied brushwork are her unique styles.

Brand and Art Desiger: Eavan

She has professional packaging design ability, according to the characteristics of the producther design is full of children's fun and creative. At the same time, she is also an excellent VI designer.

Production managerJie Qin

Responsible for the implementation of products and company tasks, and responsible for the company and factory business docking.

Quality & Inspect Manager: Meng Li

Mainly responsible for product quality control, responsible for testing the quality of minicheer‘s products.

Logistics managerCandy liu

To manage the transportation, storage, packaging, loading, unloading, handling and logistics information of import and export materials and products.

Financial ManagerLucy Huang

Professional financial management personnel with rich experience . Comprehensive leadership of the company's financial and material planning and control.

Sales ManagerLei Wu

Focus on sales, have rich sales experience and maternal and child products experience, to inject new blood into the company.

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